Dr. Frederick’s Original 14 Piece Bunion Pad & Spacer Kit – 7 Pairs of Soft Gel Toe Separators & Bunion Cushions

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Bunions Create Pain – Get rid of it now with a 14 Piece Bunion Pad & Spacer Kit

Bunions are painful, and yet they are seen in as much as 23% of grownups > 18 years old as well as over 35% of grownups > 60 years of ages.

Stop suffering throughout the day when walking, jogging, running or simply standing. Get relief now!  The incredibly soft & stretchy gel pads, spacers, as well as guards in the [popup_product]Dr. Frederick’s14 Piece Bunion Pad & Spacer Ki[/popup_product]t are developed to supply light varus stress in order to  offer gentle adjustment of your large toe while wearing shoes or while barefoot.

Make sure that you understand that Improved placement and also the splitting up of the huge toe and second toe offers you pain relief

In the set, they have actually have 4 sets of bunion paddings. Each of these cushions is made for different activities or shoes. The spacers always go between your large toe and 2nd toe to avoid rubbing.

Criterion Guard Spacer This is the daily bunion pad that is typically used with shoes. Glide the loophole around your huge toe, align the guard to your bunion, and off you go!

Basic Spacer This is the every day bunion spacer. It assists to straighten the large toe when you do not want a cumbersome shield on your foot. You can wear it with or without shoes. Remember, it goes on your second toe.

Sport Guard Spacer This bunion shield as well as spacer is developed for stylish tasks. There are 2 elastic loops that are placed around your huge toe and also 2nd toe. This prevents the turning of the guard spacer while you’re doing activities like running, bowling, or playing golf.

Sporting activity Spacer Simply like our Sport Guard Spacer, our Sporting activity Spacer is made with energetic people in mind. Put the loopholes around your huge toe as well as 2nd toe to maintain the spacer in the right placement. You can wear these with our without footwears. Just ensure you have a good time while you’re using them!


  • 2 Requirement Guard Spacers
  • 2 Typical Toe Spacers
  • 2 Sport Shield Spacers
  • 2 Sport Toe Separators
  • 6 Gel Toe Separators –

All of them are Made from incredibly soft flexible gel.

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