DR Frederick’s Original Bunion Kit – Review

DR Frederick’s Original Bunion Kit –  Review

There are many people in today’s world that suffer from Bunions the majority suffer from the Big Toe Bunion better known as the Hallux Valgus Deformity

This Bunion requires treatment as soon as possible after diagnosis or better still as soon as discomfort become evident. However too many of us wait and wait, change shoes all to no avail. When you have one it sticks with you unless you treat it.

To Help us and at a reasonably low cost there is the Dr Fredericks Original Bunion Kit. Consisting of 14 pieces the kit fits both male and female and provide for a variety of sizing’s.


2 Standard Shield Spacers

2 Standard Toe Spacers

2 Sport Shield Spacers

2 Sport Toe Separators

6 Gel Toe Separators

Made from super soft flexible gel.



We know that the majority of people do more than just sit around all day. They have activities that they want or need to perform for sport, leisure or as a part of the work force role. That is why they have included Two pairs of Sport Pads & Spacers with the it that allow you to be more active while keeping the bunion cushion in place.

When you want to relax, simply switch to the included Two pairs of low profile and Standard Pads & Spacers, even in bare feet these will aid you recovery and reduce the pain


The Dr. Frederick’s Original Bunion Pad & Spacer Kit has been developed in consultation with orthopedic surgeons to ensure that the user receives the highest quality and best pain relief possible.

Coupled with the soft gel from which the pads and spacers are manufactured that prevents rubbing and are washable


The team at ‘Dr. Frederick’s Original’ are medical professionals that will never make unfounded claims about the benefits of their products. Bunion pads & spacers are designed for pain relief both before and after surgery. They are not a cure for Bunions and do not pretend to be other than that.



Your Role as the user is to conform the diagnosis with your health professional and then wear the correct spacer or shield that will fit your circumstances- Its not that hard and as you can see from the above diagram they are designed for either sports or activities ( sports shield or spacers) and for work place or home situations. (standard shield or spacer)


Hallux Valgus Deformity–aka bunions–is seen in up to 23% of adults > 18 years old and over 35% of adults > 60 years old.

Do not walk around in pain at any time. Get relief now! The super soft & stretchy gel pads, spacers, and shields that make up the Dr Fredericks Original Kit are designed to provide light varus pressure to provide gentle realignment of your big toe while wearing shoes or while barefoot. Improved alignment and separation of the big toe and second toe provides pain relief for the majority of people.

Gel Toe Seperators

Are designed to do simply that they separate the toes and at the same time provide a simply relief of pain. While forcing a re-alignment of the big toe . There are 3 sizes in the kit and you can choose the size that fits you best or based on the level of seperation and re-alignment that you need .

In summary the Dr Fredericks Original Kit comes with a set of 14 pieces that will include

2 Standard Shield Spacers

2 Standard Toe Spacers

2 Sport Shield Spacers

2 Sport Toe Separators

6 Gel Toe Separators –

All made from super soft flexible gel


Standard Shield Spacer This is our every day bunion pad that is usually worn with shoes. Slide the loop around your big toe, align the shield to your bunion, and off you go!

Standard Toe Spacer This is our every day bunion spacer. It helps realign the big toe when you don’t want a bulky shield on your foot. You can wear it with or without shoes. Remember, it goes on you second toe.

Sport Shield Spacer This bunion shield and spacer is designed for sporty activities. There are two stretchy loops that go around your big toe and second toe. This helps prevent rotation of the shield spacer while you’re doing things like running, bowling, or playing golf.

Sport Spacer Just like our Sport Shield Spacer, our Standard Spacer is designed with active people in mind. Put the loops around your big toe and second toe to stabilize the spacer in the right position. You can wear these with our without shoes. Just make sure you have fun while you’re wearing them!

To make a purchase of the Kit simply follow the link on this page

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To learn more about Bunions and their effect on your lifestyle or to gain information with regard to other products that may be of help to you simply go to  http://bunions.healthyliving1.info


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