Dr. Frederick’s Original Nighttime Bunion Splints – 2 Double-Stitched Velcro Bunion Correctors – Bunion Relief for Bedtime – for Men & Women

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Bunions and Nighttime pain reduction.

About the product
BEDTIME PAIN REDUCTION: We know that pain doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Our bedtime braces provide padding and moderate realignment of your big toe while you sleep. They are specifically designed to stay in place while you’re asleep.

COMFORTABLE PADDING & ADJUSTABLE REALIGNMENT: The Ergonomic Toe Wrap & Bendable Toe Stabilizer bar provide adjustable realignment to help keep your big toe straight and relieve your night pain. Use the Ergonomic Toe Wrap to to get the perfect fit around your big toe. Use the Bendable Toe Stabilizer to conform the brace to the contour of your big toe for greater comfort. You can also bend the Stabilizer to provide more inward torque to straighten your big toe.

CLEAN & HYGIENIC: Made out of breathable, machine washable material that will leave your feet happy & healthy.
PLEDGE TO ALWAYS BE ETHICAL: The team at ‘Dr. Frederick’s Original’ is headed by medical professionals and will never make unfounded claims about the benefits of our products. Our are designed for pain relief both before and after surgery.

Below we have some of the Questions that we have been asked over the last few months and we have supplied the answers

Question: I’m 44 and my big toes have always been misaligned towards the others. I don’t have pain but want realignment. Do these work?
Answer: I dont have pain either. I just wanted them to realign or not move any further. I have only had them for a month but i have already noticed a difference. So i would say yes.     By Lisa M Kellner on October 21, 2015
Question:  Do you have a children’s size available or can you recommend one that would fit little feet better? My daughter is 10 but has tiny feet. thx

Answer:  Hi David! Unfortunately, we don’t have children sizes available but we’re in the process of making smaller bunion splints though we don’t have the ETA for that yet. – Dyan – By Frederick Medical Supply SELLER on October 19, 2015

Question:   Does one order come with two (one for each foot) or only one

Answer:    They come as a pair, one for right and one for left    By Kathy Neyhard on February 5, 2016

Question:  I’m size women 6, will this be too big??
Answer:  it might be. i wear a size 7 and the one for my left foot tends to come loose when i’m in bed… however… they take away the burning pain i had
By katie smith on January 18, 2016
Can this product be worn during the day, and would you recommend walking with it on or being active with it on?
Answer:  It can be word during the day, but its not easy to walk in (because its literally reforming the shape of your foot). I would not recommend walking with the brace on; its really meant to be used while you sleep.
By Dr Smoov on August 29, 2016

Question:   Is this FDA approved?
Answer: Hi Suraj, Yes. It’s FDA approved.   By Dyan Rodriguez on February 25, 2016
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